Educational Support: Scholarships and Programs for Black Men
February 7, 2024
Exploring Black Masculinity in Literature: Top 5 Must-Reads
February 7, 2024

Navigating the job search and advancing in a career can present unique challenges for individuals, including Black men. However, various resources and organizations are dedicated to providing support, mentorship, and opportunities for professional growth. Here are some job search and career development resources for Black men:

  1. National Urban League Career Connection:
    • Overview: The National Urban League offers the Career Connection program, providing resources for job seekers, career development, and networking opportunities. They also host job fairs and provide assistance with resume building and interview preparation.
    • Website: National Urban League Career Connection
  2. Black Career Network:
    • Overview: The Black Career Network is an online platform connecting Black professionals with job opportunities, networking events, and career development resources. It focuses on creating a supportive community for Black individuals in various industries.
    • Website: Black Career Network
  3. National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) Career Center:
    • Overview: NSBE offers a career center with job listings, networking events, and resources for Black professionals in STEM fields. The organization also provides mentorship and professional development opportunities.
    • Website: NSBE Career Center
  4. Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT):
    • Overview: MLT is a nonprofit organization that provides career development programs and coaching for high-achieving, diverse talent, including Black men. They focus on leadership development and preparing individuals for successful careers.
    • Website: Management Leadership for Tomorrow
    • Overview: INROADS is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preparing and placing talented Black and minority youth in business and industry. They offer internship programs, career coaching, and job placement assistance.
    • Website: INROADS
  6. National Black MBA Association (NBMBAA):
    • Overview: NBMBAA provides resources, networking opportunities, and job postings for Black professionals, including those with MBA degrees. The organization hosts an annual conference and career fair that connects job seekers with top employers.
    • Website: National Black MBA Association
  7. HBCU Connect:
    • Overview: HBCU Connect is an online platform that connects graduates of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) with job opportunities, career advice, and networking events.
    • Website: HBCU Connect
    • Overview: is a job search platform that focuses on connecting diverse candidates with employers who prioritize diversity and inclusion. It includes job listings and career resources for Black professionals.
    • Website:
  9. LinkedIn and Professional Associations:
    • LinkedIn: Utilize LinkedIn to build a professional online presence, connect with professionals in your industry, and explore job opportunities.
    • Professional Associations: Join industry-specific professional associations and organizations that offer networking events, mentorship programs, and job postings.
  10. Local Workforce Development Agencies:
    • Overview: Local workforce development agencies and community organizations often provide job search assistance, career counseling, and training programs. Check with local government resources and community centers for support.

Remember to leverage your network, attend career fairs and networking events, and continuously invest in professional development. Building a strong support system and staying proactive in your career journey can contribute to long-term success.

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