Who we are

BMEN was inspired by the #MeToo movement to investigate the realities that black men navigate around victimization. BMEN started with the idea of exploring healthy ways to respond to sexual harm, and expanded to a holistic focus on building spaces for black men to process their unique experience. BMEN experimented with a monthly support space for black men in 2017 which has been running ever since as a programmatic centerpiece. BMEN uses an inclusive and expansive approach to address the systemic barriers to black men’s mental health while creating community supports where black men can have a safe place to process.

Get Involved With us

(B)MEN envisions a world where black men have safe spaces to develop and support each other, while taking an active role in issues that impact the black community.



(B)MEN is an inclusive group of Black men working to mobilize all Black men regardless of class, national origin, immigration status, age, sexual orientation, sexual identity, and gender expression. Our network provides support groups, conferences, and community action for black men, allowing them space to respond to their own experiences, as well as those in their community.


Our Values

  • Addressing issues frequently unaddressed such as mental health, sexual harm, LGBTQ inclusion, and sexism
  • Providing information and creating dialogue on issues black men face and addressing common misconceptions
  • Addressing community issues through partnership, coalition, and teamwork
  • Providing Solutions and embracing creativity
  • Embracing positive views of black men and humanizing their experience
  • Connecting, reaching out, and building safer spaces for black men