Who we are

Who we are

In 2017, the #MeToo Movement surfaced into public discourse after a viral tweet engaged mainstream media. Although Tyana Burke started the #MeToo Movement years prior to help victims of sexual assault, #MeToo  become a revolving headline as women joined in solidarity as victims and survivors.
Noticeably absent from the public discourse were Black men. While the discourse revolved around men being perpetrators, it became apparent that many Black men were victims as well.  Through exploring the way that Black men experienced and navigated harm, it became clear that there were so many layers to the experience of Black men that were not being addressed.  BMEN started with the idea of exploring healthy ways to respond to sexual harm, and it expanded to encompass all the Black male experience is unique and often underserved. That is why the Black Men’s Engagement Network was founded.


(B)MEN envisions a world where black men have safe spaces to develop healthy inclusive identities that free us from toxic masculinity. We will hold ourselves accountable to acknowledging the climate of sexual harassment and sexual assault and our role in ending it.


(B)MEN is an inclusive group of Black men working to mobilize all Black men regardless of class, national origin, immigration status, age, sexual orientation, sexual identity, or gender expression. Our network provides culturally responsible discussion groups, conferences, and community action for black men seeking to build a community free of assault and harassment, male patriarchy, toxic masculinity, homophobia, transphobia, and, other social constructs that halts our progression.

Guiding principles

Cultural Appreciation :

Celebrate and appreciate the rich cultural heritage of black men. Share stories, art, music, and other forms of expression that reflect the cultural diversity within the community.