Exploring Black Masculinity in Literature: Top 5 Must-Reads
February 7, 2024

There are numerous articles that address the various aspects of Black men’s health, including disparities, challenges, and strategies for improvement. Here are some recommended readings on Black men’s health:

  1. “Why the Health of Black Men Matters” (Harvard Public Health Review):
    • Author: Dr. Derrick Butler
    • Overview: This article discusses the health disparities faced by Black men, emphasizing the importance of addressing social determinants and systemic issues to improve health outcomes.
    • Link: Why the Health of Black Men Matters
  2. “The Health Disparities of Black Men” (Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health):
    • Authors: Roland J. Thorpe Jr., PhD, and Derek M. Griffith, PhD
    • Overview: The article explores the health disparities experienced by Black men, including factors such as access to healthcare, chronic diseases, mental health, and social determinants.
    • Link: The Health Disparities of Black Men
  3. “Black Men in the United States, 1865–1972: Health, Work, and Institutions” (American Journal of Public Health):
    • Authors: Vanessa Northington Gamble, MD, PhD, and Zita Lazzarini, MPH, PhD
    • Overview: This historical perspective examines the health of Black men in the U.S. from 1865 to 1972, exploring the impact of societal factors on their well-being.
    • Link: Black Men in the United States, 1865–1972
  4. “Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Men’s Health: Examining the Health Status of Men by Race and Ethnicity in the United States” (Men’s Health Network):
    • Authors: Dr. Jean Bonhomme and Dr. Jeanne Charleston
    • Overview: This report provides an overview of the disparities in men’s health, focusing on racial and ethnic differences. It offers insights into the need for targeted interventions.
    • Link: Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Men’s Health
  5. “Addressing African American Men’s Health Disparities” (American Journal of Men’s Health):
    • Authors: Derek M. Griffith, PhD, and Marino A. Bruce, PhD
    • Overview: The article explores the unique health disparities faced by African American men, emphasizing the importance of addressing psychosocial and cultural factors.
    • Link: Addressing African American Men’s Health Disparities

These articles offer valuable insights into the challenges Black men face in terms of health and the broader societal factors contributing to disparities. Reading these materials can contribute to a better understanding of the issues at hand and inform efforts to improve Black men’s health outcomes.

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