Black Men Building Community

Erasing Stigma

What We Do

(B)MEN is an organization that brings black men together to actively discuss and work through issues surrounding masculinity, identity, sexuality, sexual harassment, sexual assault, youth mentorship, and issues specific to black men. We do this through:
  • Creating and maintaining inclusive spaces for black men to come together, process their experience, and seek support from one another.

  • Promoting and coordinating larger community responses about issues of sexual harassment/assault.

  • Promoting and coordinating larger community outreach among Black Men for roundtable discussions about issues including but not limited to: violence and self-esteem, mentorship and community development, inclusive & healthy masculinity, restorative justice, and affirming identity

  • Advocating for the Safety, Security, and Prosperity of Black men. We undertake a wide range of expressions, actions, and activities that seek to influence outcomes directly affecting the lives of the Black men.

  • Mentorship and development/community and networking
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