BMEN Rapid Response work

  • Support is focused on underserved Black and marginalized communities in the greater boston area need assistance acquiring donated items without having to travel. Many of these individuals are low income and do not have access to resources for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to: immigration status, language access, health status, disability, location, discrimination, etc.

  • BMEN will meet this need by: coordinating donation pick ups and drop offs, purchasing gas and food cards, buying and distributing culturally appropriate foods, and coordinating with institutions that serve black populations with low access to support.

  • This will be done by promoting and coordinating larger community outreach among Black Men for roundtable discussions about issues including but not limited to: violence and self-esteem, mentorship and community development, inclusive & healthy masculinity, restorative justice, and affirming identity

  • Work will be focused on black underserved populations, the agencies that serve them, as well as the communities that they exist in. While black populations are the primary service group, other communities within marginalized demographics will be serviced as well. Organizations targeted for support include agencies that serve black elderly, black immigrant and undocumented populations, low income families, domestic violence shelters, agencies that work with people who have been sexually harmed, organizations that serve black men, agencies that service the disabled, and organizations that supports individuals with HIV/AID’s illnesses and complications. .